Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I write something here.. I mean writing things personal. I made a fan made video of Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk.. Just because I love both of them and I adore their friendship (despite currently have to ‘compete’ in the same time slot). This is the first time I made a fanvid. EVER. (I think so I don’t recall any back then. Audio & concert footage not included). So….. this is my first attempt and I guess it’s not my forte cuz only 10 views???hahaahahahahaha so embarrassing 😀 But anyway!! I put some effort to cut and paste and sync and bla bla.. I’m not going to let it go wasted. So I might just blog about it for my future reference.

Another reason I made this fanvid is that I loveeeeeee ‘A Little Braver‘ by New Empire!! I heard this song for the first time when I watch Uncontrollably Fond and it stuck in my head. Such a goooodddd song!! So I go search about the band and wallaaaa they were disbanded already.. Noooooo 😦 I love their genre and their music is my taste!! Too bad they were no longer active. But a few days ago the band tweeted links for their official audio of the song in YT and quoted UF. How sweet!! They may no longer active in music industry but they are still active in social media. Since I can’t get the song out of my head, I decided to use it for the bgm.. somehow it suits the scenes.. I think. 🙂

In order to make the video looks relevant, I create a story for them.. Also my first attempt to write a short story (was it worth to call a story?) I don’t know… I never wrote a story before nor that I good in English. Totally super amature. I suggest you read the synopsis first before you watch the video! If you decide to watch, please don’t laugh if it’s not good. lol

Kang Cheol’s Guardian Angel.. *cringe*

Kang Cheol is a successful young man living his life diligently after a traumatized event in the past. He chose to forget the dark past and end up losing that memory. He is unaware that there is another world other than the place he is living, until one day.. when the two worlds crossed paths.. he started to remember the erased memory. The memory of one strange night when he had the weakest strength in his mind.. when he thought he had lost everything..

When the two worlds crossed paths… Shin Junyoung.. The young man, who knows everything about Kang Cheol without Kang Cheol’s knowing – the guy who would always be there for Kang Cheol whenever, wherever – He sensed that Kang Cheol had remembered their first and last encounter…

Kang Cheol now knows there is someone out there who is looking upon him.. but what he didn’t know is… that eventful night was not Shin Junyoung’s first encounter with him. Junyoung was there whenever he’s in trouble, since they were young.. and… Shin Junyoung was the one who make him forget that bitter memory… who ‘guarded’ him until he become successful…

– sleeplessaliana –