Hello world! ❤ Starting from today, 10 Aug 2017, there will be no more mp3 link. I know it’s international friendly and it’s a free stuff! But I’ve made up my mind and decided to not share the link anymore… Well, I was always hesitated so this is for good. I will maintain what I’ve done so far and will post the rest of the links as usual although except for itunes, it’s not so international friendly. There is no other reason apart from to encourage my precious potatoes to download or buy songs from legal sites. As I mention just now, it’s tough for global potatoes so… if I discover any tutorial on HOW to sign up and download/buy songs from korean music sites, I will post it here. 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Oh wait..! To some potatoes who requested mp3 links, I’m so sorry I cannot fulfill this anymore but… shhh.. *whispering* you can go to any free music sites out there or.. COUGHk2nblogCOUGHdotCOUGHcomCOUGH for that. shhh…