LambC (램씨), Lee MinHyuk (이민혁), Dawn Lee (새벽) – 기도 (Prayer) Lyrics

“Hello, I’m an artist named LambC. I wrote a song of support for many things and I want to give it to you as a gift. I believe music also has healing powers. I will sincerely support and pray.” – 2019. 4. LambC’s email to Youtuber Dawn

About 5 to 6 months ago, I came across a video of a beauty vlogger,  who diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. Apparently this song is dedicated to her. During spring this year, LambC who happened to see Dawn’s vlog, mentioned that her story reminded him to his mother so he wrote a song as a gift to Dawn, to cheer her up.

You can follow Dawn Lee’s progress and beauty tips on her channel. What an inspiring woman 🙂

“I hope that by sharing these things, I can provide a little comfort to anyone with the same or similar illness, or their families” – Dawn Lee

[Project Single]
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작사/작곡/편곡: 램씨
Lyricist/Composer/Arranger: LambC


manhi himdeureotjyo
manhi woerowotjyo
iyudo moreun chae siryeoni ol ttae
an apeuncheokhaedo kwaenchaneun cheokhaedo
useo boimyeo sumgil su isseul geot gateun
keureon yonggie keudae.ui malgeun misoe
kwaechandago kwaenchandago halkeyo
nunmuri nandago yakhan geon anieyo
keu nuguboda kanghan saramiran geol
sarangeul hadaga sigani jinamyeon
keuttaega byeolke ani.eosseumeul
useo boineun keunari
bunmyeonghi chajaol keoyeyo
ma.eumi ttatteuthagil
i sun.ganedo haengbokhagil
on mam dama kidohaeyo


많이 힘들었죠
많이 외로웠죠
이유도 모른 채 시련이 올 때
안 아픈척해도 괜찮은척해도
웃어 보이며 숨길 수 있을 것 같은
그런 용기에 그대의 맑은 미소에
괜찮다고 괜찮다고 할게요
눈물이 난다고 약한 건 아니에요
그 누구보다 강한 사람이란 걸
사랑을 하다가 시간이 지나면
그때가 별게 아니었음을
웃어 보이는 그날이
분명히 찾아올 거예요
마음이 따뜻하길
이 순간에도 행복하길
온 맘 담아 기도해요


it was hard isn’t it
and lonely
when the ordeal comes without knowing why
even if you pretend you’re not sick
even if you pretend that you’re fine
when you think you can hide it with laughter,
with a pure smile of yours,
use that courage to say “it’s okay, it’s okay”
just because you’re crying doesn’t mean you’re weak
you’re stronger than anyone
when time passes while you’re in love
you’ll find that it wasn’t a big deal
I’m sure the day when you finally smile will come
I’ll cheer for you
I’ll cheer for you
Hopefully this will warm your heart
I’ll pray that you’ll be happy even at this moment
I’ll pray with all my heart

[Romanized and Translated by: sleeplessaliana]
[Korean lyric by: melOn]
Please Take Out With Full Credit

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