The King : Eternal Monarch OST [Full OST/Tracklist/Lyrics]

[더 킹 : 영원의 군주 OST]
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No. Song Title Artist
1. I Just Want To Stay With You 자이언티
Zion. T
2. Orbit 화사
3. 연 (Gravity) 김종완 (넬)
Kim Jong Wan (NELL)
4. Maze 용주
5. I Fall In Love 하성운
Ha Sung Woon
6. Please Don’t Cry 다비치
7. 꽃이 피는 걸 막을 순 없어요
You Can’t Stop It From Blooming
8. Dream 폴킴
Paul Kim
9. Heart Break 개코, 김나영
Gaeko, Kim Na Young
10. 나의 하루는 다 너로 가득해
My Day is Full of You
지코, 왠디
ZICO, Wendy
11. My Love 거미
12. 모두 잠든 밤
Quiet Night
Hwang Chi Yeul
13. 너는 나의 시작이자 마지막이다
You’re My End And My Beginning
임한별, 김재환
Onestar, Kim Jae Hwan
14. Title of The King Various Artists
15. The King Various Artists
16. The Fantasia of Another Dimension Various Artists
17. Empire Various Artists
18. Another World Various Artists
19. The King Slayer Various Artists
20. Imperial Various Artists
21. Empire Theme Various Artists
22. Prime Minister Various Artists
23. King’s Story Various Artists
24. Into the Fantasy Various Artists
25. Not Dead Various Artists
26. My Love and… Various Artists
27. Progress Various Artists
28. The Day Various Artists
29. Where Has She Been? Various Artists
30. Hydrangea Various Artists
31. Fury Various Artists
32. Hold On Various Artists
33. Luna Various Artists
34. Parallel World Various Artists
35. The War Is Over Various Artists

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