SF9 – 손잡아 줄게 (Shine Together) Lyrics

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A very beautiful song specially dedicated to their beloved fans, Fantasy. The members wrote the lyrics thinking about all the love, and support the fans has given them, nothing but only sincerity can be found in every words. Happy 4th debut anniversary SF9 ❤

[Track 1]
Naver | MelOn | Genie | Bugs |
Lyricists: Youngbin, Jaeyoon (SF9), Zuho, Hwiyoung (SF9), Chani, Han Seong Ho | Composers: Daniel Kim, Sebastian Berglund | Arranger: Sebastian Berglund


sumanheun byeoldeul junge
gal got irheun byeol hana
jikyeojugo shipeosseo
Day and night nae gyeoteseo
maemdoldeon ne sarangui bichi

urin unmyeongcheoreom manna
shijakdwaetdeon maeum
ajik jeonhaji mothan
maldeuri neomu manhaseo
nege yaksokhalke
eonjekkajirado neoui

sonjaba julke
neoui jarikkaji
jigeumkkeot nareul bitnaegi wihan
ne sarangi gamsahae
sonjaba julke
ijen nae charyeya
apeugo jichil ttaeneun kidaeeo
nae son jabeun chae georeoga

haru gatdeon naldeure
gipi saegin chueokdeul
nareul kkaewo majuhae

Day and night nae jeonbuga
ne sonkkeuteseo naon bichi nal
mandeun geoya Oh yeah

jeo meolli tteoreojyeo itneun geot gata
hangsang gyeote isseodo buranhan sangtae
neol deo kkwak yeah
ango naseoya sumeul swil geot gata nan

sonjaba julke
neoui jarikkaji
jigeumkkeot nareul bitnaegi wihan
ne sarangi gamsahae
sonjaba julke
ijen nae charyeya
apeugo jichil ttaeneun kidaeeo
nae son jabeun chae georeoga

yaksokhalke eoduun gire
kamkamhal ttaedo
nal wihae kidohal neol kieokhae
jujeo antji anheulke

byeogeul hana dwotdaji
keuge neowaui gyeonggyeseoniramyeo
teomeul han beon dwotdaji
seodbulli gamyeon nega dachilkka
ijeneun nege gipke saegyeojin
janhyangeuro nama
neoreul dulleossan ipsagwiga doeeo
han jakpumeuro piwo boryeo hae

sonjaba jullae
uri kkumeul chaja
seotureun georeum balmatchwo georeo
han georeumssik georeoga
sonjaba jullae
yeongwonhi hamkkehae
apeuro pyeolchyeojil uri miraereul
gati sonjabgo geuryeo ga

hangsang naui gyeote meomulleo jun neo.ege
ije neoreul miso jitke halke yaksokhae
neoneun keunyang nae sonman jabeumyeon dwae
nae son jabeun chae georeoga
gati sonjabgo geuryeo ga


수많은 별들 중에
갈 곳 잃은 별 하나
지켜주고 싶었어
Day and night 내 곁에서
맴돌던 네 사랑의 빛이

우린 운명처럼 만나
시작됐던 마음
아직 전하지 못한
말들이 너무 많아서
네게 약속할게
언제까지라도 너의

손잡아 줄게
너의 자리까지
지금껏 나를 빛내기 위한
네 사랑이 감사해
손잡아 줄게
이젠 내 차례야
아프고 지칠 때는 기대어
내 손 잡은 채 걸어가

하루 같던 날들에
깊이 새긴 추억들
나를 깨워 마주해

Day and night 내 전부가
네 손끝에서 나온 빛이 날
만든 거야 Oh yeah

저 멀리 떨어져 있는 것 같아
항상 곁에 있어도 불안한 상태
널 더 꽉 Yeah
안고 나서야 숨을 쉴 것 같아 난

손잡아 줄게
너의 자리까지
지금껏 나를 빛내기 위한
네 사랑이 감사해
손잡아 줄게
이젠 내 차례야
아프고 지칠 때는 기대어
내 손 잡은 채 걸어가

약속할게 어두운 길에
캄캄할 때도
날 위해 기도할 널 기억해
주저앉지 않을게

벽을 하나 뒀다지
그게 너와의 경계선이라며
텀을 한 번 뒀다지
섣불리 가면 네가 다칠까
이제는 네게 깊게 새겨진
잔향으로 남아
너를 둘러싼 잎사귀가 되어
한 작품으로 피워 보려 해

손잡아 줄래
우리 꿈을 찾아
서투른 걸음 발맞춰 걸어
한 걸음씩 걸어가
손잡아 줄래
영원히 함께해
앞으로 펼쳐질 우리 미래를
같이 손잡고 그려 가

항상 나의 곁에 머물러 준 너에게
이제 너를 미소 짓게 할게 약속해
너는 그냥 내 손만 잡으면 돼
내 손 잡은 채 걸어가
같이 손잡고 그려 가


a million stars fill the sky
one lost star catches my eye
I want to keep you safe and sound
day and night, by my side
thank you for the light of your love
that surrounds me

we were destined to meet
that’s how the spark began
there are many things I haven’t said but should
I promise you this forever and ever

let me hold your hand
I’ll reach out to you, girl
your love makes me radiant and strong
thank you so much for your love
let me hold your hand
it’s my turn now, girl
lean on me when you feel lonely and sick
¹hand in hand, we’ll walk on and on

days with rays so bright
memories carved deep in my mind
now, I see them by my side

day and night, my everything
you shine long rays of blinding light
you made me, oh yeah

you seem so far like the stars up high
I feel so anxious all the time
hug me tight, yeah
until I can breathe and feel free

I promise you, even in the dark night
when it’s time,
the memory of you praying all night
you make me strong that I don’t fall

I put a wall between us
trying to separate us out of fear
I tried hard to stay away
scared that I might hurt you
but now, I carve you deep in my heart
your scent stays on and on
I’ll be the blanket that keeps you warm
I’ll protect us until we shine together

²will you hold my hand?
matching our clumsy steps,
finding our dreams together
one step at a time
will you hold my hand?
let’s be together forever
holding hands and draw our future together

you’re beside me all day and night
I’ll make you smile wide from ear to ear
just hold my hand, my shining star
hand in hand, we’ll walk on and on
and make a bright future

[Romanized: sleeplessaliana]
[Korean lyric by: melOn]
[Translated by: FNCEnt.]
Please Take Out With Full Credit

Translation notes:

Translation was provided by FNC (as you can see in the music video). They didn’t literally translate this song, however it still carries the meaning correctly and beautifully so I didn’t change a thing except for 2 points:

¹ The sentence was translated as ‘hold my hand, you’re fantastic’ in the MV which is fine. However it seems kinda strong to me, it broke my emotion bubble lol I don’t know if they made a mistake or purposely translate it like that, though it is not wrong, (cos it’s like summarizing the whole stanza), I prefer to literally follow the lyric. If you listen closely, the same lyric is actually at the final part of the song and this time they literally translate it as it is which is ‘hand in hand, we’ll walk on and on’. it definitely sounds softer, I like this one better 🙂

² This whole chorus is different than the first one but in the MV, they did not translate this part correctly (they used the same translation as the first chorus). So I guess I just had to translate it for you cos I can’t turn a blind eye haha

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