Big Mouth – Reading Big Mouse Cards with Tarot Master Park Chang Ho Part 1

We were introduced to tarot cards in episode 6. Following the incident of the drug clients’ list, “Big Mouse” has used tarot cards as a medium to convey messages to Changho.. in the beginning, it was one-way. But after Changho was convinced that the tarot card had something to do with Big Mouse, he began using the cards to communicate, and at the same time tried to identify who Big Mouse is. Let’s take a look at the chronology and the meaning behind it.

The Tower

a card that gives you a new opportunity

It means disaster / accident, but it also means blessing in disguise / a new opportunity. Let’s look forward to a new beginning where you can build a more amazing tower like how Changho was recognized as “Big Mouse” by the list on the card.

This was the first tarot card that Park Chang Ho received. Someone had attacked him from behind and secretly placed this card in his pocket during the struggle. It didn’t take long for Changho to realize that this tarot card was actually sent by Big Mouse. The symbol at the back of this card is the same as the one he found on the floor a few days ago, after the inmate who tried to kill him was found dead. But at that time, he didn’t think much about it and trash it.

Changho was certain that Big Mouse gave him the cards, and the real clients list. Thanks to this, Changho was seen as the real “Big Mouse” and has since gained some control and power inside the penitentiary.


a card that announces death

Changho found this card in the convoy and Peter Hong died. If Big Mouse gives you this card, you may witness someone’s death that day, so be on your toes!

This is the card that Changho found on the floor earlier. This is the same card he found in the prisoners’ convoy. Peter Hong, the witness who said he had seen Big Mouse, is being interrogated with Changho in the same room at the prosecutor’s office. But Peter suddenly died – apparently poisoned.

“Big Mouse was sending messages through cards. the things he planned and committed,… and the things that will happen.”

This card has caused two deaths and both are related to Changho. One tried to kill him, another tried to frame him. There is no way it was a coincidence. Someone is “protecting” him. Incidents like this made Changho confused but on a bright side, it further strengthened his reputation as “Big Mouse” and the inmates feared him more.


a card indicating the judgement of truth

Big Mouse delivered the card and instructed Changho to become a real “Big Mouse” to reveal and judge the truth related to Seo Jae Young. If he wants to live, he must complete the mission and prove his use value.

Just when Changho felt that none of this had anything to do with Prof. Seo’s case, he found this card hidden in his blanket in his cell.

“he wants me to reveal the truth about Seo Jae Young and punish them for it”

But why do he has to do it? Can’t he just tell everyone the truth?

“then i’ll die.. then i’ll really become Big Mouse. that’s why he keeps giving me missions and testing me. the moment he deems me useless, he’ll kill me”

Regardless of the purpose, this card shows that Changho is being controlled and used by Big Mouse. But Changho is too sneaky to just sit around and do nothing. He decided to ride on the opportunity to find out who Big Mouse is.


a card that recognizes your ability

It is a card that Big Mouse responded to the message sent by Changho. If you show your confidence and ability worthy of it, Big Mouse will acknowledge your ability and give you this card.

Using his reputation as “Big Mouse”, a huge banner was hanged in front of all inmates during recess, with “Confessional Bible” written on it. It was announced as a “sudden inspiration work of art” by Big Mouse Park Chang Ho and inmates were expected to appreciate the masterpiece while it last but it was actually nothing more than just a disguise – a code to catch Big Mouse’s attention. Through a piece of paper slipped in the bible at the confession room, Changho sent Big Mouse a message for the first time – “I would fight if you give me the weapons i needed”.

It worked!

Big Mouse answered by leaving this tarot card in the bible, signifies that he acknowledged Changho’s skills. This is Changho’s plan to use Big Mouse; to trap, and drag him into this fight – to find out who he is.

The Chariot (upside down)

a card that reawakens the momentum

The reverse card signifies stop / give up. Changho received this card after asking Big Mouse to dismiss the bail. If you want to get Big Mouse’s help, try to solve it on your own first.

Convinced that Big Mouse will respond to his message, Changho proceeds with the “Confessional Bible” method. This time he dares to take a step further in his plan by asking Big Mouse to get the bail dismissed. He did get the tarot card response but it wasn’t what he wanted. No help is coming.

“I must do it myself. Did this jerk figure out my intentions and take a step back?”

Changho realizes that Big Mouse is testing his abilities. He need to do this himself in order to get one step closer to him.

The Chariot (upright)

a card that encourages bold action

The card in the forward direction means passion / drive, contrary to the reverse direction. Changho, who made a bold move to win, received the card. If Big Mouse gave you this card, it means he was satisfied with your ability.

Since Big Mouse is testing him, Changho went all out to carry out his plan. He seeks help from Chairman Yang but although at first Changho seemed betrayed and defeated, his plan was actually successful. Changho was then seen holding this card after the chaos in episode 7 – a chaos orchestrated by Changho, assisted by Chairman Yang in order to make Dr. Han indebted to him, and to get information about Prof. Seo’s paper. Thanks to this, Changho now knows that there are people much more frightening than Gong Ji Hoon involved.

The Fool (upside down)

a card warning of foolish behavior

Changho installed a camera and set up a trap to find Big Mouse. This card is a warning message from Big Mouse, who already knew all about Changho’s plans. Acting foolishly and rashly is prohibited – your opponent is a rare con artist, Big Mouse.

During the chaos, Changho deliberately break the statue of Virgin Mary so that it could be replaced with a new one that has already installed with hidden camera. Since the exchange of messages between him and Big Mouse took place inside the chapel, he’d hope that the person would be caught on camera.

Changho then leave the The Chariot card inside the bible to lure Big Mouse into his trap. He later check on them and the card is not in the bible anymore but the person caught on camera was only Jerry. Jerry later denied it was his doing and Changho belatedly realized the recording that he saw has been edited – it skipped 30 minutes.

Big Mouse knew.

In the meantime, Miho told Changho that she received 33 white chrysanthemums flowers that normally send to a funeral – the same flowers Changho send to Gong Ji Hoon’s wife. But for Miho, there’s a tarot card included.

It’s a warning.

Only four people knew about the hidden camera – Changho, Miho, Miho’s father and Soontae. How did Big Mouse find out? Is he among these 4 people? That was the last time we saw the tarot card appearance. Are there more?

Can’t wait to figure it out!

photos source: MBC

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